Jeanette Harcus and Laurie Chubb


Confident, Competent and Capable are the three C’s in our logo and represent our mission to help families face life’s challenges and realize their hopes and dreams. 

Jeanette Harcus and Laurie Chubb are the dynamic duo whose compassionate commitment to helping families is the driving force behind the creation of irelate.

“Our belief is that parents need to be the leaders in their families.”

Jeanette is a parent to three grown boys and has worked in the field of education and parent support for many years. She attended Griffith University in Brisbane Australia and began her work as Director at Birkdale Preschool. After travelling the world and moving to Canada as a “romantic immigrant” her work diversified into special education and then to supportive counselling. Her growing interest in how families cope lead her to post graduate work in Hope Focused Counselling at the University of Alberta . Now a grandmother she is excited to be a Bringing Baby Home Educator, recognizing how important a positive start can be for baby and parents. When not working with families Jeanette can be found playing her flute, working in the garden or practicing yoga.

Laurie is a parent of 5 children, two of which who came to live with her family when they were 2 and 4 years of age. With this addition to the family, Laurie has been able to glean a great deal of wisdom regarding the importance and the challenges of attachment in the development of relationships. Laurie believes that attachment is essential in the building of a healthy relationship and successful parenting and this philosophy is reflective in her work with families. Laurie attended Grant MacEwan University in the Child and Youth Care Program and her extensive experience includes Residential work, Operation of 2 Group Homes, Preschool and After School Care Programs, and was a Foster Parent for many years. In the last 10 years, Laurie has facilitated many groups and workshops in Team Building ( ColourSpectrums) and Positive Parenting. She has worked with families struggling with relationship and parenting challenges ( in particular teens). Laurie lives in the country with her husband Rob, enjoying the great out doors and the frequent visits with her children and nearly perfect grandchildren.

“Our own family experiences have likely given us our best credentials and we know well the constant demands and challenges that face parents today”.

Children behave in desirable and undesirable ways for a reason. When parents are given meaningful strategies and support they can better meet the needs of all family members and enjoy a journey that has fewer bumps on the road.

At irelate our aim is to help parents build confidence and competence whether you are new to parenting or discovering that stranger in the basement who is your teenager.


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